Don’t miss the opportunity

Prom is a chance to have fun


Tanner Burch, Reporter

On April 28, NAHS will be hosting an event at Mellwood Art and Entertainment Center.

A little over a week away, prom is at the center of many students’ minds. For the students who aren’t going to prom, prom is worth it. Make it worthwhile.

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“I think that it’s fun to socialize with other students and friends.” ”

— Abigail Baxter, 11


1. Prom is a gathering. Prom is a great opportunity to spend quality time with old friends.

2. Enjoy going with a group. The experience you share with your friends will last forever and prom is a great way to celebrate it. You may even a new person or two.

3. Make memories you’ll remember with your significant other. Sharing the whole experience, from riding in a limousine to getting the chance to dance with him or her on the dance floor, is a great experience to cherish. This reason has the social benefits of the first two reasons, but also has the bragging rights.

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“I think it’s kind of a rite of passage in high school. It’s a good experience, just the dancing and the fun you get to have with friends. There’s not a lot of experiences like that, when you’re with all of the people.””

— Matthew Vest, 11

4. If you want to extend your bragging rights even farther, then you can say that you went to prom. You don’t even have to say whether you went with a group or with a special someone. You can just brag that you went to prom.

5. The fun doesn’t end at prom. If you felt that prom flew by and you wish to extend your fun through the rest of the night, then you could go to after prom. For students who don’t care about prom, you could always go to after prom without attending the main event.

6. Going to prom is a stress reliever. Whether it’s work or school, prom is the best way to ease your nerves from all of that belligerent stress. You don’t want to have to worry with your other tasks interfering with your fun.

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“I think it would be fun for students to go to the prom because it is a great experience. I know that I liked going my junior year, because I know that it is expensive. I understand that some kids can’t afford to go because of all of the costs. It’s just a fun experience to hang out with your friends, get to dance around a little bit, and then after prom, it’s always a blast. I always love going to after prom and going through the zip-line. At after prom, that’s always a blast for me.””

— Kailin Ussery, 12

7. Prom is a great way to show off your dance moves. If you are a great dancer or you consider yourself to be a great dancer, then you could get out on the dance floor. Not only will your peers praise you for your dancing efforts, but your dancing could be so infectious to the point that your peers can join in.

8. This might be your only year to go to prom. Since you won’t know whether you’ll have a job next year or any other huge commitment to fulfill, going to prom this year might the perfect opportunity to go. This reason mostly pertains to which grade level you’re in.

If prom is right around the alley for you, I would recommend that you go!

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“[I got to prom] just for the entertainment and having fun. Dancing would be fun, basically doing whatever.””

— Chad Sogge, 12

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“It’s an experience you only get twice and I feel like it’s important to get that experience because it’s one of the pivotal points of your high school career. Everyone always looks forward to prom, after prom, prom shopping, and all of that. I feel like it’s one of those important pieces of your high school career.””

— David Galligan, 11