Haunted House Review

Kianna Thompson, Reporter



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“For the Field of Screams, it was very good, but not quite worth the money. I thought the ride was very good, but not very scary. The Haunted House was very good, but not as scary as some of the other Haunted Houses I have been to, in the past. The line to get tickets was not very long, but I guess it depends on the day you went to the haunted house. Overall I enjoyed the whole idea of it and would definitely go back”

– Caleb Walston, grade 11

“We bought both the Field of Screams and the Hayride to Hell ticket. The Hayride to Hell was not as good as we expected it to be. They were missing actors and even at one point one of the works had said that she wonders where the actor is. The Field of Screams was the highlight of the night. You are able to go through it at your own pace and it is fun being able to experience the whole thing with your whole group. It was very long, which made up for the Hayride to Hell. Overall, we all had a great time and I would recommend the whole haunted house to anyone and I’d definitely go back.”

– Kianna Thompson, reporter