Alumni prosper after they leave the halls of NAHS, move on to college

October 13, 2011

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By: Caroline Utz As seniors settle into their final year of high school, overwhelming panic may begin. Uncertain future plans, endless college applications, standardized testing, and admissions essays can all add up to one st...

Harvest Homecoming committee awards Floyd County seniors more than $10,000 in scholarship money at annual Who Wants to Be a College Student event

October 5, 2011

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By: Jessie Madden Being handed money is a dream for most teenagers. Who Wants to be a College Student, a Harvest homecoming program, awards high school students cash toward their college tuition for answering a few questions....

Banned books week comes to a close

October 4, 2011

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By Maria Johnson Violence, racism, sexuality, and much more has been spotted in books of all kind for as long as one can remember. Throughout history people have been writing their thoughts, and other people not approving of...

October ushers in Breast Cancer Awareness Month

September 29, 2011

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By: Caroline Utz As autumn begins, activities like apple picking, Harvest Homecoming and Halloween decorating are just around the corner. While October may be filled with those classic fall activities, it is also a crucial t...

Students help themselves by helping others

September 16, 2011

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Web Connection By: Maria Johnson When the end of school comes around, students can practically smell the sweet summer days taunting them with visions of all-nighters, breakfast at 3 P.M. and sun-soaking fashions. But contrary to...

Old policies revamped and revisited

September 15, 2011

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By: Caroline Utz With every new school year come changes in rules, policies, and regulations. This year instead of creating brand new guidelines, the administration has turned their attention to improving existing rules. "Every s...

Corporation makes AYP second year in a row; ECA scores up

September 15, 2011

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By: Kathryn Vance Finances and budgets haven’t been something to celebrate over the past few years at any public school in Indiana. But for the second year in a row the corporation as a whole has made Adequate Yearly Progress ...

The Blotter enters the 21st century

September 5, 2011

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By: Maria Johnson With 2,095,006,005 people having internet as of March 2011, it’s the easiest way to obtain the information you seek. That goes for everyone, especially high school students. While the newspaper is still read, c...

Free King’s Island tickets offered as incentive for good attendance

August 25, 2011

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By: Kathryn Vance The senior trip to King’s Island has been a tradition for several years; though it is not a school-sponsored trip, every year seniors organize the trip on their own and skip a day of school to meet up at th...

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