The Blotter enters the 21st century

By: Maria Johnson

With 2,095,006,005 people having internet as of March 2011, it’s the easiest way to obtain the information you seek. That goes for everyone, especially high school students. While the newspaper is still read, connecting to the online world has, so far, been a good addition for The Blotter.

Having a staff of 24 students with lots of ideas and talent calls for more space. The print version of the newspaper limits how much room is available. Since the newspaper staff pays for their most of their own publishing costs, it only makes sense to go the cheaper route of online than to increase the price of print. There will still be a monthly print version of The Blotter, but the website will allow for more relevant and timely information to be posted daily.

Several editors agreed that having the online version gives them more freedom as a staff.

“It gives us more freedom to write what we want and opportunities to post whenever we want, though it still goes through editors,” co editor-in-chief Kathryn Vance said.

Every time a new post is up on the website, it’s also up on Facebook. This opens many doors, giving the students who are friends with The Blotter automatic notice of the most recent happenings.  Being online, especially on Facebook, makes it much more likely and more convenient for people to read. A positive impact is made when information can be quickly accessed through the internet. Keeping up with the times, The Blotter has jumped on the internet and Facebook bandwagon in hopes of improving the communication of information.

“Taking The Blotter online is absolutely necessary in keeping up with 21st century journalism; our readers benefit too because they are getting information faster than if they would have to wait for the monthly print edition,” newspaper adviser Mrs. Christina Faulkner said.

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