Harvest Homecoming committee awards Floyd County seniors more than $10,000 in scholarship money at annual Who Wants to Be a College Student event

By: Jessie Madden

Being handed money is a dream for most teenagers. Who Wants to be a College Student, a Harvest homecoming program, awards high school students cash toward their college tuition for answering a few questions.

The annual event that was created in 2001 by  Harvest Homecoming President Kevin Hammersmith. It offers local seniors the chance to earn scholarship money for college. The seniors filled out entry forms and competitors were chosen randomly at the event September 26.

“It’s cool that Harvest Homecoming gives us this opportunity to earn money for college,” said senior Annie Moore. “It was also interesting learning what my fellow seniors did and didn’t know.”

Each student was given the opportunity to win up to $1,800 by answering twelve questions correctly. All seniors in the Floyd County area were given the opportunity to participate.

“I think Harvest Homecoming gives students a great opportunity to come out and earn scholarship money in a fun way,” said senior Clayton Poff.

Out of 300 Floyd County seniors, NAHS senior Damon Nelson won the most money with a total amount of $1,200. Senior Chloe Kellams also won $450 towards her college tuition.

“It’s a fun way to help students attend the college they’d like to go to,” said senior Tommy Jones.

Jones also won $450 toward his college tuition. The money that was awarded to the students for answering the questions correctly is raised from the festival sponsors.

“I am very thankful for the opportunity of winning money for college and I also had fun at the same time,” said senior Jordan Striegel.

Over the course of the event, $10,000 was awarded in college scholarships. In the past eleven years Harvest Homecoming has handed out more than $100,000 in college scholarships.

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