Harvest Homecoming tradition continues

By: Katherine Kerr

Around this time every year, people all over New Albany that may normally have nothing in common come together to flood the streets of downtown with one common interest: Harvest Homecoming. The 44-year-old tradition that has stolen the heart of every New Albanian continued this year with few new traditions to add to the list.

In the search for chicken and dumplings, pumpkin ice cream and fried candy bars, Harvest Homecoming attendees passed the same familiar booths they’ve seen for the past couple years. Whether it was the Zesto booth, the frozen banana booth or the famous “water yo-yos”, it had all been seen before.

However, this year, one booth that stood out was the New Albany booth. This year, for the first time, our Student Council set up a booth with all NAHS merch in hopes to raise money for the school year. Students worked in shifts on the weekend from the start of the day until official closing time. When students were in school and not available to work, the PTO parents were there to pick up the slack. Merch sold included t-shirts and sunglasses by the Student Council and other spirit gear by the PTO. All money raised was divided between Student Council and PTO and will help fundraise other plans throughout the school year.

In addition to this new booth, other new attractions included a new French restaurant going in downtown, the Dandy Lion in its second year of business and a man with a baby kangaroo (who wore a diaper and was named Babalouie).

With a few refreshing new attractions and the old traditions we have all come to love, Harvest Homecoming is quickly becoming New Albany’s most adored event.

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