If the shoe doesn’t fit… Make it

By: Blakely Greenwell

So what if the shoe fits? Just because it fits doesn’t mean you have to wear it. In fact, wearing a shoe just because it fits, is the worst possible choice shoe selection one can make.

I say, go for the cheetah print stilettos that are two sizes too small. Wear the neon peep toes that cut off your circulation. Leave your comfort zone. Make the shoe fit you. One can always adjust. Being uncomfortable is only temporary, but the benefits reaped from straying from what someone is used to will long outlast a blister.

Wearing the broken-in Sketchers is always a safe bet. Sure, you won’t get the blisters or arch problems, but you will also never experience the feeling of your legs being a mile long, or your confidence go through the roof.

Settling for something just because it fits is the safest and most boring way you can travel through life. Spice it up, and choose the path you want, and make it fit you. Who says a size seven can’t wear a size ten shoe? That only means you have big shoes to fill. It might be hard to walk in them at first, but with time, you can get used to everything.

When you find a shoe you like, go for it. Don’t think twice about how it will feel in a couple hours, or if it is too flashy for your style. Get out of those old comfortable sneakers, and live a little. Make the shoe fit you.

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