Local pizza restaurants offer variety

By: Katherine Kerr

Pizza, pie, ‘za- whatever you want to call it- it’s America’s favorite food. More mainstream pizza places like Papa Johns, Pizza Hut and Domino’s give the false impression that there is only one style of pizza out there. On the contrary, there are many types just waiting to be tried. Brooklyn-style, Chicago-style and classic Italian-style pizzas are available at several locations in our area, providing a variety of options for your next pizza experience.

Papalino’s NY Pizzeria

Sold mostly by the slice, Papalino’s NY Pizzeria located in the Highlands on Baxter Ave. is quickly becoming Louisville’s, as well as Southern Indiana’s, favorite kind of pie. With that being said, Papalino’s has been competing with rivals Spinelli’s (located just down the street) for years for Louisville’s best pizza and has pulled ahead recently with a better, more diverse menu and ingredients from specialty growers. Papalino’s has won the approval of voters of Leo Weekly as well as UrbanSpoon and is gaining credibility with each slice sold. TOTD (topping of the day), a variety of calzones and salads as big as your head have all become famous at the NY pizzeria and make Papalino’s a must-have.

Arni’s Pizza

You may have tried Arni’s pizza and thought that the tastes of Arni’s are very similar to that of Pizza King (located on Charlestown Rd.) If so, you are correct! Arni’s, like Pizza King, has a similar recipe for their signature thin crust pizza. Started in 1965, Arni’s has had over 40 years to expand and improve their business. The chain has opened over 9 restaurants since opening, each one growing in employees and business.

Wick’s Pizza

Started in the Highlands, Wick’s pizza has quickly become one that Kentuckiana is familiar with. The somewhat new New Albany location has been booming with business ever since it’s opening last year. In fact, you can catch a live DJ as well as several local bands showcasing their talent there on any given Friday or Saturday night.


Far from New York or Chicago-style, and home of the near 40 lb. pizza, Impellizzeri’s pizza, located on Bardstown Rd., Brownsboro Rd., and W. Main Street in Louisville, has recently set their sites on a location near us. The 2-inch thick deep dish has made Impellizzeri’s a unique and ideal pizza place. If that isn’t convincing  enough, Impellizzeri’s has won best pizza of Louisville six times and of course is in the running for a seventh victory.

 Sportstime Pizza

While the wide assortment of “beers on tap” may bring an older crowd to what was formerly known as the bar Rich O’s, Sportstime Pizza has recently become a hangout spot for teens and adults alike. One standout item on the menu is Beer Cheese, perfect with a slice of pizza, crust negotiable, and breadsticks, With the perfect recipe and environment, Sportstime has proved to be New Albany’s favorite pizza.

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