Political correctness is overrated

By: Blakely Greenwell

“Merry Christmas!“ Now, was that really that offensive? Are you now angry that religion was brought up? Was that not politically correct enough to fit into society these days? 

Get over it. A simple phrase should not burn your ears to the point I have to leave my beliefs out of the holidays for the generic widely accepted, “happy holidays.” Instead people should take it as a compliment, that no matter what the other person’s beliefs are, they cared enough to share their values and kind wishes with another.

Maybe someone doesn’t agree with the fact that our ancestors came to America and killed off the Indians with disease and weapons, but does anyone object to the phrase “happy Thanksgiving”?

Every single person has different beliefs, which reflect the holidays they choose to celebrate. Say a Jewish person receives a “Merry Christmas” from another of Christian faith, no one said they had to say it back. In fact, they could shoot back a “happy Hanukkah!”

This holiday season, people need to spend less time trying to be politically correct and instead spread the best wishes that your beliefs include.

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