Teacher-initiated technology propels students to excel further in classes

By: Jessica Rhodes

In today’s day and age, technology is one of society’s greatest accomplishments. Technology has helped the modern world in so many ways but one of the biggest is education. Ever since the first calculator, technology has been helping students improve their skills and helps students further today. Now, students do not just have calculators to help them but computers, the Internet, Smart Boards, and more. Technology is everywhere especially in school.  At NAHS, every classroom has a computer and a few have Smart Boards or equivalent interactive learning systems. Smart Boards are used in over 1.6 million classrooms in America and even more in over 145 countries, according to their website.

One great aspect of the Smart Board that differs from regular dry erase and chalk boards, is that it has the ability to show endless amounts of color, just like a computer. According to an article done by EduGuide, many students respond better to colorful graphics more than just plain black and white text.

Another reason they are believed to improve student’s education is that they are interactive. Not only is the teacher able to use the Board but the students can use them too.  Teachers can easily pull information from the Board and don’t have to waste time going back to a computer.

NAHS math teacher Mr. Rick Belcher stated that he preferred Smart Boards because there are more tools, which makes lessons easier to teach. Not only does Belcher feel that Smart Boards have improved his students’ learning, but also his teaching skills.

“I now make notes which I never did before,” he said. “This allows students to pay better attention and not get lost.”

Another strong supporter of the Smart Board is math teacher Mrs. Janet Hollingsworth. She feels that her students prefer and learn better on Smart Boards because they are more fun.

“Smart Boards are like virtual chalk boards,” she said. “I never run out of space, and every board I work on can be saved, reviewed, or printed forever, which can help students.”

Hollingsworth also feels that Smart Boards are more efficient because they accommodate different learning styles.

While most students have plenty of experience with technology outside of the classroom walls, they are now getting the opportunity to have contact with an entirely different type of 21st century knowledge.

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