Prom preparations begin early

By: Taylor Briscoe

Based on reliable statistics from designer Debora Rachelle in 2011, teens started preparing up to 12 weeks beforehand for this event, the average couple spent over $1,000 and over half of teens asked or even begged their parents for a little help with money for one specific outing.  What could it be that had teens quickly dishing out their cash last year?  The event that, according to statistics, is beginning to be discussed right this day, minute and second?  Think twice and the answer is sure to come to mind.

Prom is easily one of the biggest nights of a high school teen’s year.  It is one of few chances to dress in black-tie formal attire, dance for hours, and stay up and out literally all night long.  Some may say that prom is “overrated” and/or too expensive; however it is time to put these two rumors to sleep.  Prom seems to only be overrated for those who attend and choose to sit and sip soda throughout the lengthy three to four hour time span.  The first tip to having a great time at prom is to do the opposite, meaning get up, dance and have a blast with friends.

The other supposed negative about prom is the money issue.  People sometimes have it set in their head that if over $500 is not spent, then prom will not be enjoyable.  This thought is wrong.  There are so many options for saving money on things such as dresses, hair and transportation.  Everyone knows at least one person who has been to prom, and shocker, never worn their dress from the big night again.  To save a little money, ask a friend to borrow or even buy their dress at a lower cost.  Most people would love to earn a little money back from the one-time-only investment.  There are also dresses available for rent right here at New Albany High School in the Cinderella Shop, hosted by Mrs. Scott.  Hair is easy now-a-days with all of the YouTube tutorials a girl could possibly ask for on up-do’s, wavy ponytails, and fancy buns.  Although a large percentage of prom goers group together with friends and chip in money to rent a limo for the big night, transportation will in the end neither make nor break your night.

The most important things to remember to bring to prom are free; a smile, a fun attitude, and a safe plan for the night to come!  Prom is a time to take a million pictures, laugh hysterically, and make memories with some of your favorite people.  Although prom is starting to be discussed, do not fret.  It is fun to plan out every detail early, but look at the calendar and be stress free, it is January!  May Prom 2012 be one to remember.

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