Dayglow raves through Louisville

By: Abby Nash

Original, exciting and new to our area, Dayglow was a highly “raved” about event drawing in thousands of young adults in our area. Many of the NAHS upperclassmen were fortunate enough to score tickets when Dayglow announced one of its stops to be in Louisvilley’s Convention Center.

The rave included loud music with a DJ, food, drinks and plenty of neon paint covered attendees.  Many people from the audience say the back of the arena was where the most fun was had; there was more space and less pushing and shoving. Along with the black lights and neon paint, people were also given glow sticks to play with.

During the show, large projector screens displayed images that grooved along with the music and canons shot paint from the stage. There were also crew members with paint squirt guns walking around spraying audience members throughout the night. During the show’s finale, balloons were released from the ceiling and confetti was launched from the stage. I think it is safe to say, Dayglow left a bright neon mark on the city of Louisville.

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