Unfit diets plague today’s youth

By: Shelby Wells

Obesity in children has more than tripled in the past 30 years, according to the Center for Disease and Drug Control. This sharp incline can undoubtedly be attributed to our countries dependence on our plethora of fast food options. 

It is hard to argue that in society’s eye being fat is seen as a curse. Is it fair for young children to unknowingly have poor eating habits and the ill effects that follow shoved down their throat (literally) because their parents are too busy to be responsible for feeding them well balanced meals rather than McDonalds? Of course not, which is why many debate that providing your child with poor nutrition should be considered as child abuse.

With some of the risks of obesity being high cholesterol/blood pressure, diabetes, and a low self-esteem, how is it not considered child abuse or neglect for a parent to put their child in this category? Children are incapable of making their own healthy food choices if they are not available, and it is the parents’ responsibility to ensure that all health requirements are being met and healthy habits are formed.

Not only does unhealthy eating affect a child in health, it also affects them emotionally. Obese children are more prone to depression and anxiety, according to suite101.com. As unfortunate as it is, kids can be cruel when it comes to weight. How could a parent set their child up for rough teen years?

Until a child can make their own decisions, it is a parent’s responsibility to keep their kids best interest in mind.


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