Kissing after prom goodbye

By: Taylor Briscoe & Abby Nash

For years upon years NAHS students have anticipated an extremely high level of fun on prom night.  Pictures, dinner, and the actual dance are only half the fun; for come 11:30 p.m. is the glorious after prom.  Prom-goers usually set their plans around “the” After Prom event that takes place in the main gym and cafeteria.  In the past, each student could get a $2 ticket that included unlimited food, dancing, great giveaways, blow-up obstacle courses and many other attractions.  

This year however, the PTO has announced that there will not be an After Prom.

“There is a phenomenal amount of work that goes into the planning and implementing of After Prom and unfortunately there were not enough parents willing to step up and help organize it this year,” PTO President Ellen Reising said.

Since this news has been released, the buzz around school is all about plans for After Prom; who is going where and who is doing what.  With plans and people on their minds, three students gave us their after prom itineraries.

Senior Autumn Burdette enthusiastically said, “I am going to make my own after party.” Junior Kenzie Prince said although her plans are not final, she hopes to “go to a house party.”

Senior Adam Togami, however, had the most interesting plans of all: “I am going to Mr. Peterson’s hot tub on his front porch.”

Although it is safe to say everyone is disappointed that there will not be an official After Prom held at school this year, students will surely bring out their inner creativity to craft an unforgettable night.

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