Making history

This year yet another NAHS sports record was broken. Senior Phoebe Bauer set the record for most varsity letters in Bulldog history

By Cameron Jacobs & Franci Burton

Q: How does it feel to be the most decorated athlete in NAHS history?

A: It’s an honor to achieve so much and be able to do what I love!

Cross Country

Q: What’s your favorite type of running shoes?

A: Brooks Ravenna

Q: What’s your best 5k time?

A: 19.17


Q: What’s your pregame ritual?

A: Before every game I drive there with my windows down and listen to my music, which is usually rap, and get pumped up.

Q: Who’s your favorite Olympic soccer player?

A:  Lauren Chery.


Q: What was it like going to state for track?

A: It was really humbling. It’s such a big competition and the best of the best are there so being there made me feel humble.


Q: Do you have any superstitions related to swimming?

A: Yes, I always have to have somebody else help me put on my swim cap. Also, before every meet I eat Subway.

Q: Who is your favorite professional swimmer?

A: Missy Franklin. It is pretty cool that she has Olympic medals and she’s younger than me.

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