Red and Green Cup

New Albany and Floyd Central have had decades of battles. Whether it’s football, basketball, or soccer, the fights will never end. Guess what fans? Here is another little competition to shake up the doghouse.

By Bret Walts

Through 8 Weeks:

The first annual Red and Green Cup, turning your ordinary, individual sport battles to a year long Highlander and Bulldog war.

“Floyd Central is better,” said one.

“No, New Albany is better,” said another.

This is a classic argument for common foes. The newest addition to The Blotter Online, The Red and Green Cup, will even intensify these arguments. What is the Red and Green Cup you say? It is the official tally of all New Albany sport teams record against Floyd Central. Now, instead of fighting over one sport, you can now argue who really IS the best.

As one can see from the chart above the Highlanders have taken an early advantage this year over the Bulldogs. Check back for updates on the ensuing battle between the archrivals. Who will win the cup? Only time will tell.

*Girls Golf includes ONLY head to head matchups and Post-Season Matchups

**1 Point Per Win

***.5 if there is a tie. 

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