The third wheel

People begin to side with Gary as negativity arises in presidential commentary

By Olivia Keller

Republican and Democrat.

These two dominant parties have taken over the presidential election, though there is a party left out of the spotlight. Youth voters might be siding with the third party this year as the residential election begins to heat up and unveil some unappealing sides.

On the Indiana Ballot this year, there will be a third candidate for the presidential race, Gary Johnson. His slogan, “Be libertarian with me.” Some of his views, according to his website, include being against government run health care and lowering the nation’s debt. Gary Johnson will be appearing on the ballots in all 50 states this year, which gives him the chance to earn the votes he wants.

Gary Johnson states that he is the only candidate that doesn’t want to bomb Iran and wants to take the troops out of the war now. With these views, he may be attracting a lot of the youth voters who just want there to be peace in the world.

For the voters out there who don’t like either of the frontrunners so far Johnson may be a good alternative. Johnson takes views of both of the parties and even some of his own so this may appeal to a lot of the voters who don’t necessarily like either Obama or Romney.

The Independent party has never been a popular one. They don’t get much media attention and not many people even consider it an option. Yet, many important and well know people are independents. There was even talk of Donald Trump the entrepreneur running as an independent this election. During his terms he never officially affiliated himself with a certain party. Since then the United States has been pretty much divided into two parties the Independents seem to be left out.

As the undecided voters start making their decisions, they may be considering the independent party. For Indiana voters that’s Gary Johnson. The three options for president are all diverse. The important thing is to not count the third party out.

In the end of all of Johnson’s videos, he says, “Be Libertarian with me for one election.” This vote could change our country forever. Is the country willing to side with the third party and take that chance?

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