The thirteenth day of Halloween

More last minute costume ideas

By MaKayla Seifert

Running out of time for a halloween costume? Here are a few more ideas for a last minute costume.

Where’s my mummy?

Head to the bathroom, grab those extra rolls of toilet paper and get to wrapping. As long as the weather doesn’t call for rain, go as a mummy this Halloween. Dress in grays or whites and wrap yourself in toilet paper from head to toe. You can use tape to hold the toilet paper in place as you wrap up. Just remember to wrap your arms and legs seperately so you’re able to move about and grab candy.

Bed time kid

Why not wear your pajamas trick or treating? Be a sleepy head or a bed time kid what ever you want to call it. You could use your pillow case for your candy bag or even carry around a stuffed animal as you go from house to house collecting candy. This quick costume would be great for a family of going trick or treating.

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