Halloween hotties

Are the really hurting anything?

By Miranda Sell

It’s everywhere: Cinderella in a ball gown that doesn’t sweep the floor but barely sweeps her upper thighs, a sailor whose suit is shorter than the shallowest of waters, a bunny rabbit who more so resembles the House Bunny. It’s a tired and true rant of “good kids” everywhere; why can’t girls keep their goodies in the bag on Halloween?

I happen to support the other side of the issue, even if that means I support girls putting a little more out there than what is “appropriate”. You see, I support these ideas called individuality and freedom from judgment. As long as you are in your own home or out on Halloween and not at school, where it’s against the dress code, if you want to display the places where the sun doesn’t shine, go right on ahead. I’m not going to judge, because I want the right to wear my clothes without whispers and snickers as well.

“I believe people should be able to express themselves because it’s part of who you are,” senior Ginny Isaacs said. “It’s your style and makes you unique. Clothing is a great way to express yourself in school or on Halloween.”

How is Halloween any different than a regular ol’ day at school? We’re taught as young children to not judge other kids for things as trivial as the clothes they wear or their sense of style.When we see someone wearing something like a full-length prom dress or a spacesuit to school the most we do is laugh, but suddenly on Halloween if you dress in a risqué manner, you automatically receive an onset of labels.

It’s no wonder that in this day and age young girls have low self-esteem. When I searched the web for “ways to get your daughter to not wear a revealing Halloween costume” the first suggestion was to tell your daughter she looks fat. With advice like this, it’s no wonder girls are going out there dressed in a risqué manner in order to get some positive male attention. It seems to me that if we just leave people who want to dress like this alone instead of criticizing them, everyone would be better off. After all, as your momma told you, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”

I think that on Halloween, instead of judging our female peers, we should focus on enjoying expressing our own individuality through our costumes, or anything else we decide to wear. Carve a jack-o-lantern, go to a haunted house, or go to a party, but whatever you do don’t judge.

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