Walking in a…. sweater wonderland?

Things you will need:

-Old sweater


-Measuring tape

-Sewing kit or fabric glue

By Kayln Reyer


Step one:


Chose an old sweater (preferably one with a band)

Step two:

Start to cut all the way across the sweater starting under the armpit ofthe sweater. It doesn’t have to be a perfect cut, just make sure to cut all of the layers of the sweater.

Step three:

Once you have cut across, move aside the extra sweater pieces and begin to cut the side of the sweater up (essentially cutting it in half).


Step four:

Once cut in half, open up the sweater and lay it flat on the floor. Begin to fold the sweater into threes.

Step five:


Take a marker or anything that will show up on the sweater fabric and make a circular line, creating a round dome shape. Once the line is made, cut it and remove the extra fabric.

Step six:


You canuse ameasuring tape, or you can just wrap the fabric around your head. Once you have the measurements, cut off the extra fabric.

Step seven:


Once you have the measurements, you can use fabric glue or a sewing kit to bond it together. Once the sides are together, start to bond the top sides together with the fabric glue or sewing kit.

Step eight:

If you use fabric glue, give the hat twenty minutes to glue. Once everything is dry, your hat is ready to wear!

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