Dalton’s Netflix Gems: Bernie

Dalton’s Netflix Gems will be a recurring series highlighting some of the best, yet underrated films on the Netflix streaming service!

When most movies advertise that events that take place in the film are based off a true story, more times than not the director filled the film with so much hyperbole, the essence of reality was lost. Luckily, Bernie is not merely inspired by the rather odd events that conspired in a small Texas town, but is more or less a documentary with actors playing the roles of the individuals involved. The film perfectly captures the Texan vibe, almost making it seem too stereotypical at times, but it is hard to deny that this black comedy hits every target in my eyes. To bad it only had a limited theatrical viewing and went straight to DVD and digital streaming services, but Bernie is definitely one movie to not miss before your Netflix subscription expires.

Reasons to see:

  • Jack Black has never had a disappointing performance, and Bernie keeps the streak intact
  • It’s almost impossible to sympathize with the murderer, yet Bernie pulls off the impossible
  • It actually sticks to the facts in the events that transpired


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