How finals ruined our life

By: Dalton Martin

As the hit HBO drama Game of Thrones always says, “Winter is coming,” and with it come finals. For some, this experience is less terrifying than others, but more times than not, finals make us question our existence on this planet.

The next three days, these tests will dictate how we will feel the rest of winter break. If it felt like a breeze, then congrats! However, that feeling of knowing we just bombed a test will haunt multiple people through the next couple weeks off.

Another threat to the student way of life due to finals is the danger of catching whatever bug, flu, or bubonic plague that is going around New Albany! All these sick kids feel pressured into coming to school, and are now slowly infecting us all.

Tragically, some of us will get sick and in turn, ruin our holidays and break. Finals should be considered hazardous to our health!

Not only are we now stressed and sitting in rooms with millions of infectious bacterial particles, but also students are now completely fatigued due to a giant course load to restudy and other miscellaneous projects crammed into these final few days.

Nothing says “Happy Holidays” like slumping over a desk in a comatose state, while coughing our lungs out, and having a slight panic attack brought on by grades.  Thank you dear, old New Albany High School administration for ruining our lives, we will make sure to send our funeral bill with a lovely Christmas card.

Happy Holidays,

The NAHS Student Body

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