March Madness Challenge

Coming in March… 

Selection Sunday will be here in about a month, which means the time is coming for the annual March Madness Bracket Challenge. The Blotter will be sponsoring a school-wide challenge to see who can predict the outcome of the NCAA Tournament the best.

How it works:

When available, The Blotter will open two different tournament challenges on One bracket challenge will include only NAHS students. The second challenge will be between faculty and staff.

This contest will be the first annual Blotter Bracket Challenge, of hopefully many. The two winners’ names will be added to a plaque to be displayed outside Ms. Faulkner’s B314 room and be the first winners of many bracket challenges to come in the future.

Be sure to keep an eye on our twitter page @NAHS_Blotter for details as we approach the time for the Blotter Bracket Challenge. We will open the challenge approximately a week before Selection Sunday (March 16) to allow everyone to sign up in advance and submit his or her bracket quickly before the NCAA Tournament kicks off. We will place the name and passwords of the bracket groups on the print edition of The Blotter and on our twitter page.


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