I love you like a fat lady loves apples

fat lady loves apple

And other pointless websites

By Ashlee Schroeder

Deep, at the edge of the World Wide Web lies websites untouched and unknown, except for a very rare few who happened to stubble upon them by fate. These websites are completely pointless and really have no purpose and are normally discovered only in the dark hours of the night when one is on the brink of utter boredom.


The first, it literally nothing but a picture, an itsy bitsy teeny tiny picture. This is probably the most ridiculous website I’ve ever come across; it literally doesn’t provide you with any type of service, except for a few giggles. To find it you must look very, very close. You’ll find it, eventually. www.crouton.net

The second is actually fun. YAY! It’s simple enough and never ending. Woohoo, endless fun for the rest of your life. All you need to do is use your mouse (the computer accessory, not a real mouse) to grab the apples that come your way and gently feed them to the fat lady. Once she gets to full you’re in for a surprise, but you have to find out for yourself. http://www.Iloveyoulikeafatladylovesapples.com


The last one is somewhat useful if you’re practicing for the fastest counter contest. 7 billion people on one page is a lot cooler than you think, on the page is all 7 billion people in the whole wide world. On the page is a link where you can watch the page add cute new little people as they are being born, and you can also feel that sadness of overpopulation. L http://www.7billionworld.com

So remember when you have nothing else to do, scour the internet you’ll never know what you may find.

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