Fourth season of American Horror Story to be a “freakshow”

Bearded ladies, terrifying clowns, and Jessica Lange, oh my!

By Shane Carver

As if haunted houses, possessed nuns, and a coven of crazed witches weren’t enough… Now clowns are being launched into the mix?

Creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuck have confirmed that it will be a freakshow, “not a circus” Murphy claimed, dousing the rumors that it would be circus or carnival themed according the International Business Times.

“I’m super excited,” senior Tess Hill said. “I love the show. I have high expectations because the third season was flawless.”

Coincidentally, the writers of the small-screen horror show are also the writers of Glee, which airs on Fox. Glee is said to be airing it’s finale on May 13, which, in my opinion, will give the writers more time to focus on amplifying the terror and making AHS scarier than ever before. It has potential to be the best season yet.

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