Spring Fever

By: Madisyn Zipper 

The fresh-cut grass crunching under a new pair of sandals, flowers blooming, spring sunshine peeking through the window. Sounds beautiful in theory, doesn’t it?

I mean, spring is the time of year where I go to school wearing twelve layers of clothing and end up carrying them on the way out because it’s suddenly so hot. The time of year where I can no longer watch dark television shows because the light coming in the window is creating the worst glare ever. The time of year where bugs start showing up again reminding me how much I’d rather die than get within ten feet of one. And, finally, the time of year when having freshly shaved legs is an expectation.

The transition from winter to spring is definitely the worst. It’s like a bear coming out of hibernation; not as pretty as summer to fall.

First, I never know what to wear. I mean is it hot or cold? Neither? Both? My spring wardrobe choices are never the best. I wake up, pile on five layers, and end up progressively taking them off. I’m basically wearing my whole closet. Not cute or efficient.

Next, along with the too-bright sun peeking through the window, the bugs are crazy. Between the flies getting in the house every time I open the door, and having to wear a jacket even in the hot sun, it’s pretty much the worst. Like, everyone thinks that spring is great because we get outside again and start cleaning and stuff, but who said outside was so great? And what’s wrong with cleaning in the winter?

Lastly, spring is the time of year when the shorts almost molded to my dresser drawers come out again. Not only does it make me feel weird and overexposed, but my legs are so pale that they could quite possibly blind someone. Or at least give them a pretty nasty sunburn. It’s also the time when my legs are expected by everyone to be smoother than a baby’s butt, but they end up being razor burned and cut because pants have spoiled me into forgetting how to shave.

So, maybe I’m not quite ready for spring. Good thing there’s still a layer of ice covering all of Indiana.

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