Living the spring break life

By Libby Fisher

Ah, spring breakers. There are many types of these school-less people. There are people that stay up until 6AM partying, sleepy heads that stay up until 6AM watching their new favorite Netflix show, the people who get up at 6AM to watch the sun rise over the beach, and so many more.


2.1 million people, according to Oohlala, participate in spring break ‘partying’ every year. And over 60% of these party go-ers have a run in with the police. Most teenagers dream of going to Miami or Panama when spring break comes, partying it up, meeting new people and ‘living the life.’ While of course a party is fun, but I’m sure being detained and arrested is not. Be careful in your travels!

Stay in bed-ers

I’m not sure if there is anything wrong with staying home for a week, besides the excessive sleep, (or lack of, if you’re binge watching all of the Breaking Bad episodes like me) extreme amounts of junk food, and lack of exercise. Living in your bed for a week sounds like an amazing time, if you think about it.


The last way you could spend your last break is spending the week at that huge beach house in that tiny exotically named country, or you know, Florida. Either way you’re enjoying the fun in the sun with your family and friends, unless you’re one of those silly people who hate vacations. (Wait- Do people actually hate vacations? Vacations are great.)

No matter how you decide to spend your spring break, make sure that you’re as safe as you can be, and having as much fun as you can! We’re only off of school for a week, thanks to our sweet Mother Nature, live it up while you can!

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