Unremarked & underpaid

By: Madisyn Zipper

The teaching profession is highly un-respected for it’s benefits to society 

It’s pretty much a cut-and-dry fact that we all hate school, especially as teenagers. Although this is completely understandable, adolescent behavior towards teachers is a complete ignominy. Contrary to popular belief, the world would be nowhere without educators.

This continuing disrespect, coupled with phrases like “those who can’t do teach,” is a recipe for ignorance and hypocrisy. While lawyers and doctors are constantly praised for their work, teachers are a common joke. The irony and paradox of this social phenomenon is borderline laughable. Any big-shot with a PhD began their learning experience in an elementary classroom, learning how to write and add. Lawyers working the most important cases today are only doing so because they once sat through seemingly endless lectures given by none other than an educator.

I agree wholeheartedly that teachers can be discriminatory, invidious, lazy, and even pompous; but the good outweighs the bad. The profession, by definition, is the process of facilitating learning, and it’s primordial to everything.

Although this may sound like a ridicule of students, it’s not just us at fault. Respect must be given mutually to make this school thing work. The fact of the matter is that the concept of education would be much more successful if the societal view of educators rose from derogatory.

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