Emily’s Eight Introduction

Emily'sEight_mark_colorBy: Emily Owens


If I were the number eight I would fall down and infinitely lie there.

My name is Emily Owens and I had an idea to do a random list of whatever is on my mind in intervals of eight. Now you might be thinking why the number eight? Here are eight reasons why I chose the number eight:

  1. It’s the coolest number to write

You can’t even deny it. It’s one fluid motion. Anyone can do it.

  1. Our friend oxygen

Eight is the atomic number for oxygen. The mysteries of life are literally in the number eight.

  1. Not one but two

Eight is basically two numbers. Infinity is eight on steroids.

  1. 2008 was a good year

The IPhone 3G is introduced, and changes the future of phones, Michael Phelps was the real MVP, and Obama became the first African American president.

  1. It’s basically a snowman

I’m a person who absolutely loves Christmas. The number eight gives me a reason to think about it.

  1. Symbolism

The number eight signifies new life, and new beginnings so naturally, eight is a supporter of babies, flowers, and fresh starts.

  1. Phones are nothing without eight

As you know, your data is in bytes. A bite is made from octas. Octas derive from the number eight. You’re welcome.

  1. Eight years

When I was eight years old my life changed, but that’s another story.

I hope to always bring a smile to your face, and give you a look in on how I see the world. Just so you know it eight never gonna be pun­less.

Tell us what you think!

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