Calling all festivals

By: Nolan Payton

With the fall season finally here, lots of towns and cities in our area and across the country have their own festivals, parades and parties to welcome the season. In our local area there are some major ones including Harvest Homecoming and other events in Louisville.

Harvest Homecoming is celebrated October 8-11 this year. It has many events and activities to do and attend.


Shopping booths- Harvest Homecoming includes many booths for multiple purposes including small businesses, groups and even government. The shopping booths make a big portion of all of these. The business’s running these are usually local and help the local economy.

Live performances- Live performances from local bands on the river ampetheater,

Entertainment- Their is lots of entertaining activities to do at Harvest including, games, rides, and music.

Food- Harvest has many food booths that include food that people can only get at this time of the year including Pumpkin flavor ice cream.

Other festivals in this area include the Big Rock Jazz & Blues festival at Cherokee park in Louisville taking place October 4 2-7pm. It includes lots of live music

In Madison there is the annual harvest festival celebrated September 26-27. The event includes lots of food.

Students Speak:

“Harvest Homecoming [is my favorite fall festival]. My favorite activity is walking around with friends,” senior Dalton Henretty said.

“My favorite part of Harvest Homecoming is the food,” said sophomore Alyssa Kramer.

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