Football Homecoming 2015

Even though it was pouring rain at the time, all of the homecoming candidates wait under their umbrellas for the ceremony to start.
Freshman representative Sierra Scrivner being escorted by freshmen Koran Gibens. “I was really scared at first but once I got on the field it was really exciting,” Scrivner said.
Sophomore representative Essence Kelly being escorted by sophomore Koby Anderson. “[Walking in homecoming] was really fun and a great experience,” Kelly said.
“I had a lot of fun at the game, and escorting Ellen too. Also sitting on the sidelines was nice because I had a better view,” junior James Haller said.
Senior homecoming queen candidate Bayasa Batsaikhan being escorted by Senior Michael Maxwell. “[My favorite part of homecoming was] looking fine with my girls and watching the game from the field,” Batsaikhan said.
Senior homecoming queen candidate Emma Bauer being escorted by senior Szechiriah Lewis. “I was honored to be nominated by my friends to represent the senior class. I loved dressing up and being apart of it,” Bauer said.
Senior homecoming queen candidate Blake Mayfield being escorted by senior Seth Cook.
Right after being crowned homecoming queen, Meyer poses for a photo with her escort, senior Jack Amend. “I really enjoyed being a part of it! It was so much fun getting dressed up and being nominated. It was an amazing experience,” Meyer said.

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