Vaping Gone Wrong

By: Ellen White

More and more high school students have started puffing smoke, not necessarily tobacco, but electronic cigarettes. Students don’t use them responsibly or in the right manner.

A trend that was begun by middle and high school aged students has rapidly increased in recent years.

The use of an electronic cigarette device tripled from 2013-2014, taking the percent of high school use to all time high of 13%, according to the New York Times.

E-cigs were originally introduced to help people to quit using tobacco products in all, while many people that use them have never smoked a cigarette in their life. They are being used for the wrong reasons.

Starting to use electronic cigarettes at a young age can cause anyone to become addicted to nicotine for the rest of their life, according to The Washington Post.

Students claim that using an electronic cigarette is only to be smoking something other than actual tobacco. They may not know that e-cigs are harmful as well.

E-cigarettes produce a vapor from a liquid containing nicotine that may constrict blood vessels, according to

Middle and high school students use them as a way to fit in, but don’t think about what they are actually doing to themselves by using them in the wrong manner. Being responsible and looking into what is actually being used would be a better idea.


  1. Actually, it does not constrict blood vessels. There has been no proper data that shows vapor damages any part of the body. And nicotine in such a low dosage, actually has more positive effects than caffeine, and how many middle to high school students consume that every single day? Educate yourselves by reading about the people who kicked 10,20,30,40, even 50 year habits WITH NICOTINE VAPOR.

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