The ukulele kid

By: Kat Lynn

If you pay any attention to the people surrounding you in the hallways, chances are you have probably seen or heard Alex Wichterman. You know, the guy with long hair that plays the ukulele.

“It definitely draws attention,” junior Alex Wichterman said. “Sometimes the attention is positive and sometimes it’s negative.”

People hear the rhythmic notes through the hallway and pass by them without much recognition. Positive attention from other students only help Wichterman improve his music, and push him to practice more.

“I’ve heard a lot of comments,” Wichterman said. “Most of them are just saying, ‘That sounds nice, good job.’’”

Wichterman doesn’t just play the ukulele. His skills vary into many instruments. The ukulele began as a fun instrument that was easy to take places and play while he walked with friends. He plays a majority of string instruments including the mandolin, the electric guitar and the banjo.

“When I got my ukulele my first comment was, ‘Wow, it’s like a little guitar,’” Wichterman said. “Then as I got older I identified it as an individual instrument that helped me improve other string instrument skills.”

What most people don’t know is that he doesn’t just do it because he thinks it’s cool. He uses it as a form of self-practice and relaxation.

“I play the ukulele in school because it helps me relax and continue practicing string instruments,” Wichterman said. “It’s therapeutic.”

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