The don’ts

By: Destiny Amig

I think every student has encountered some sort of hallway discomfort. Slow walkers, couples holding hands, teenage shrieks, all reasons the hallways of a high school can be unappealing at the least. Luckily, I’m providing you with the “don’ts’” of hallway etiquette so you won’t be apart of the problem.

 Don’t Sloth Around

When walking to class you should realize the pace you’re walking doesn’t only affect you. Chances are there’s a whole crowd behind you. You’re most likely making someone late to class because they can’t seem to get around you. If you’re walking slowly because you don’t want to go to school, JOIN THE CLUB. I can guarantee you no one else wants to be here either. Somehow we all still manage to walk efficiently in the halls without causing ourselves or anyone else to be late.

Don’t Travel in Packs

I honestly hate to break it to you, but school isn’t a social event. You don’t need to travel with your pack of friends everywhere. Most people who do this have about six or more people per pack. If you haven’t noticed, the hallway is only about eight people wide, therefore when you and your friends all travel together in a horizontal line, you’re leaving no room for people to get around you. The worst part is if I shove past you to get to my class, I’m the one who will look like a jerk not you and your friends who are clogging the halls and making people late.

Don’t be Obnoxious

Guys, we’re in high school. Please act like it. There is NO need to scream at your friend across the hall. Unfortunately, your friend is not the only one who can hear you. You’re most likely screeching in someone’s ear. If you know anything about people, screeching in someone’s ear will just make them hate you. It’s not that hard to behave appropriately.

Just Don’t

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