Eight ways to stay happy this winter

By: Emily Owens

As we speed away from the pumpkin spice frenzy of fall, we will soon approach winter.

Winter has two faces. One of them being the gruesome, one-color and nowhere-to-go face with a very pointed stare that reaches deep down into your soul. The other side will be the face that we will most likely turn to. This side of winter will cheerfully tell you all the ways to survive the harshness of the cold. But for now, I’ll just give you eight.

  1. Drink hot beverages

Drinking hot cocoa will warm you up immediately if you’re cold. Pumpkin spice lattes surely get boring and tasteless after a while. Winter gives you a chance to try new hot beverages that you’d might be hesitant to taste at first, with PSL shouting your name and stifling your nose every time you walk into Starbucks.

  1. Hibernation

Bears sleep to survive winter.

After a long nine weeks of tests, quizzes, projects, and a seemingly never-ending stack of homework sheets, it’s in your best interest to sleep-in. You deserve to catch up on some sleep after staying up late to fulfill the request to finish your English paper in two days.

  1. Spend time with those people that are always walking around your house……..

While you should catch up on some sleep don’t forget your family. Winter is the perfect time to spend quality time with your family and just surround yourself with some positivity. Plus, believe it or not, spending time with people who love you is better than being locked up in your room. I challenge you to try it. I believe in you.

  1. Wear bright colors

Winter quickly turns into a black and white film here in Indiana. The sky is always gray, and everything is covered in white, sparkling snow. It’s easy to just throw on black or gray, and become one with the season. Don’t fall for it though! Black and gray is usually associated with suppressing feelings. Wearing bright colors is a good way to subconsciously put you in a better mood. If you absolutely refuse to do that, then you could go always resort to coloring.

  1. Watch ELF at least twice…

I’m going to be bold and say what needs to be said: If you have never watched ELF then I’m sorry, but you’re not human.

In all seriousness, it’s a necessity, at least in my eyes. It is by far the funniest Christmas classic.

  1. Get in the holiday spirit

Speaking of Christmas…

One of the best things about winter is the festivities. There is always something to do! Plus if you’re like me, who would gladly listen to Christmas music at any given time of the year, finally have a reason to listen to all the Christmas music we want without the haters sitting on top of our heads.

  1. Throw a snowball a day to keep the mean winter season away

There’s not going be three feet of snow on the ground for nothing!

Even if you’re only out there for 15 minutes, you can stretch out your legs and have some fun.

Author’s note: please don’t take one look over the last one and skip to the end. Thank you.

  1. Exercise

After the holiday meals, exercising is probably smart.

So many cookies, and you couldn’t choose. Don’t feel guilty. We’ve all been there.

Also, don’t forget to exercise your faith. This is one of my favorite times of the year, because I get to have the privilege of loving, worshipping and resting in Him during this reflective time.

Dear summer-lovers,

I’m sorry but you’re the first to go….

These ways are key in helping restore sanity throughout the bleakness of winter. Just remember it’s but a season, and summer will be on the other side.

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