The last nightmare

By: Andrew Bennett

This is the last chance to experience a bone-chilling nightmare before it leaves across the river.

Yes, the rumors are confirmed, this is the last year for the Industrial Terrorplex before it goes across the Ohio River into Louisville. Many people are sad to see the place leave.

“I have wanted to go to the Industrial Terrorplex since I was eight years old,” junior Emma Swader said.

Since 1995, Industrial Terrorplex has brought people of all ages to Jeffersonville, according to WDRB.

“When it is all dark it is really scary,” junior Justin Biller said. “It is awesome how the occasional strobe light is in the form of lighting striking around you.”

In the future, after Industrial Terrorplex moves to Louisville. The old building is to be reformed into a senior housing according to the Courier Journal.

“If I had to go through one of them it would have to be Carnevil 3D, ” Swader said. “I want to go through it with my cousin because she is terrified of clowns.”

When the owner, Terry Campbell, bought the building in 2006 he had heard rumors that in the 50s that there was a young girl who died and is allegedly haunting the old building. The building also used to be a t-shirt.

Many are disappointed to see industrial Terrorplex leave its home in Jeffersonville but this could possibly mean more nightmares in the future in the new location in Louisville.

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