AP Snores

By: Quintin Condra 

 School has influenced writers, doctors, pilots, teachers, broadcasters and more, because they weren’t subject to any special treatments to make them “feel more comfortable,” or more “relaxed in class”.

School has taken a turn from focusing on just education and has turned into a perpetuating effect of just “next level” mind set. In classes they don’t teach you for your future, its mainly focusing on just the next year. School today has been conjoined with newer technology and new techniques for teaching that is has given kids to many options in the way they learn. Back in the day you either learned what taught and given to you or you didn’t learn what you needed to get a successful education.

Out of an 81,000 people pole from random high schools in Indiana, less than 2 percent of students say they are never bored in high school according to livescience.com According to the same pole, 73 percent said they didn’t like the school, 61 percent said they didn’t didn’t like the teachers. And 60 percent said they didn’t see the value in the work they where being asked to do. School is a privilege that can either be taken advantage of or wasted away like trash.

School has always been something people don’t look forward to but it has been a big increase since the beginning of the 20th century.

People drop out for many different reasons like having a baby, taking care of family, or you just have no interest in education. Drop outs can either be very successful or not at all but it all depends on how much you did or did not learned before leaving high school. According to sagepub.comaveraging 21,707 students out of seven studies, dropout numbers trailed behind at 1,718, or 7.3% per study. Schools across the US have been losing student numbers fast due dropouts and also online schooling. Online schooling is a great way to learn, if you stay on top of it. Some people do online schooling just to get the diploma and don’t learn anything with it. Online schooling is another destruction of classical education that has taken the focus to another lower level. According to education.seattlepi.comin July 2011 by the Columbia University Community College Research Center indicated that Washington community college students were more likely to drop online classes than traditional ones. Course completion for traditional courses was 90 percent, and for online classes, it was 82 percent. This shows the drop in importance and focus of education in the United States.

America has always been a beacon of life and refuge when it comes to outsiders and our low cost and mostly free education. Education is what makes our writers, doctors, pilots, teachers and broadcasters and helps them become what they can be and really are. It’s what takes a child and turns them into a mature and intelligent adult, no matter how dumb they still may seam. Education is what takes a country and gives it a strong and stable backbone for its future to depend on. Not iPads ands conformed teaching techniques.

This shows the amount of discouragement that students today have towards there education.

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