Military girlfriends

By: Julia Campisano

Loved ones at home wait patiently for their return

Students choose to go on many different paths after high school. While some choose to enlist in the military, they have to leave their loved ones behind.

“It’s been really hard,” junior Sadie Meyer said. “It was so great when I got his letters, and I would sometimes write him back during school to help pass the time.”

Meyer’s boyfriend, Brandon Meador, has been away at training for four months. He will return November 17 of this year, and Meyer can’t wait.

“When he gets home we are going to party! But after that our lives should go back to normal.”

“The distance is really hard,” junior Carolyn Phillips said, “but getting to write letters to Chandler was very fun. They’ve helped me get through not being able to see him every day.”

Chandler Berry, Phillips’  boyfriend, is training in Chicago, and will be continuing a career in the military while Philips finishes school.

“I am sad that we can’t go on dates, and I usually spend my weekends alone.” Meyer said. “We can’t do fun stuff like other high school couples do.”

Carolyn agrees with Sadie.

“Yeah we can’t  go on dates or even go to prom together. But we are more mature than a lot of other couples our age. It’s hard not even getting to be together for birthdays or holidays but we do our best to Facetime every day and text as much as possible.”

Although they miss out on traditional dates both girls are proud to be with their guys.

“They’re doing something good and meaningful for our country,” Meyer said.

“He has a plan for his future, and he’s working towards a better life,” Phillips said.

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