There goes Santa Claus

By: Kat Lynn

Students reveal the truth about old St. Nick

There are plenty of reasons children should believe in Santa, but the opposition says children should be told the truth.

“Believing in impossible beings such as Santa Claus may exercise children’s counter-factual reasoning skills,” according to

In the 1820’s when Saint Nicholas had just become a “tradition”, children looked forward to celebrating religion. In the past 15 years, Santa Claus has transformed into a Christmas marketing tool.

“Media and marketing have completely turned the Santa I was raised knowing into a symbol of shopping,” junior Caitlin Blair said. “They have completely ruined the childhood phenomenon.”

Children have believed in Santa Claus for generations. Why does it become second nature for parents to lie to their children on this matter?

“I think kids should believe in Santa to a point,” junior Lucinda Quinn said. “Childhood should be full of innocence and fun memories.”

Santa is not a lie; he’s a mystery. And it’s up to each little boy and girl to unravel the mystery for him or herself, according to,

“Santa Claus was something I looked forward to,” Blair said. “Santa made Christmas ‘magical’ and exciting.”

Centuries later and Santa Claus still lives in massive belief. Marketed or not, he is still a Christmas icon.

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