“We’re here for something important”

By: Madisyn Zipper

The Green Dot organization is dedicated to reduce violence in the community

A select number of the student body spent a day in late October sharing values and training to know how to target what they call “Red Dot” situations.

“I think [I was nominated] because my peers see me doing ‘the right thing’,” program member Aatiqah Shareef said. “A lot of them know that if I see someone that’s being bullied I’m not afraid to address the situation.”

Shareef explains that a Red Dot situation could be demonstrated as a fight between a couple in the hallway; if observed, a Green Dot member should try to create a distraction or delegate in some way.

“[During the all day workshop I learned] there’s never only one way to approach a situation,” Shareef said. “A lot of people think that they always have to step in and say something, and that’s not necessarily true; you can create a distraction or delegate in different ways.”

On October 21 students shared their ideas on what it takes to create a safe learning environment.

“The one activity from the workshop that stuck with me is that they would give us scenarios and we’d pick what we’d do from three choices,” Shareef said. “I really liked that because it was nice to see everyone else’s responses when different problems arose.”

The program focuses on fighting for justice and helping others.

“I value the fact that everyone should feel safe around each other and I think that if we create a world where people will try to help when they see something bad is going on, it will make bullies think twice about doing the wrong thing,” Shareef said.

Shareef enjoyed sharing her day with a group of people eager to help and participate.

“[My favorite part was] just listening to everyone shout out the answers, and having people excited and passionate about something,” Shareef said.

Although the program won’t hold any more meetings at school, they communicate through Remind101 and hope to meet during free time to discuss future goals.

“I want to create a safe environment for everyone,” Shareef said. “I’d really like for the world to ‘be a better place’. Even though it’s hard to spread positivity on such a large scale, I want to help accomplish something of that nature.”

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