Working amongst the madness

By: Kylee Jackson

Black Friday just as hectic through the eyes of retail employees

Seven people have died on Black Friday, and there have been 98 reported injuries, according to are shootings, stampedes, and crazy drivers in the store parking lots. Shoppers tend to laugh about the outrageous things people will do amongst the madness, but how do workers keep calm through the storm?

Stores like Walmart and Kmart usually draw in big crowds. In 2012 Walmart topped the charts by serving 22 million costumers. In 2010, U.S. retailers lost about $40 billion in stolen goods, or 1.5% of the nation’s total retail sales, according to

Senior Demetrius Watkins has worked at Walmart as a security guard for two years; he walks around and makes sure everyone can find what they’re looking for while looking for signs of people stealing.

“When people walk in with backpacks you know to keep an eye on them,” Watkins said.

Stores strategize how to prevent crimes and casualties on Black Friday. Security guards and workers often have to take courses learning how to spot fake money, shop lifters and  are taught how they run the store.

“We come up with ways to get people in and out of the store faster to prevent shoplifting,” said Watkins.

People will go to extremes when trying to get something they want, and Black Friday is the perfect time to go to that extreme. In the midst of the craziness workers have to stay alert.

“I had a girl try to give me $800 in fake money,” Watkins said.

Stores are starting to hire more people for the holidays and are already setting up for the biggest shopping frenzy of the year. Workers train for Black Friday, hoping nothing gets out of hand.

“Hopefully it isn’t too crazy,” Watkins said.

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