In your face

By: Julia Campisano

Some girls possess killer makeup skills, but it’s not always for looks

Every morning before school, I start my day off washing my face and then applying foundation with a few swipes of a makeup brush; but I don’t do it just for the looks. I simply enjoy doing my makeup every morning. I proudly confess there are nights when I actually only look forward to waking up so I can put makeup on and feel special and unique.

Who needs some boy to tell you how pretty you are without it? We are girls (guys too!) and we know we look good, you don’t have to tell us (not all the time anyways). Makeup is simply another way for me to stand out from other girls, and show my talent.

Over a quarter of girls who wear makeup (27%) rarely/never leave the house without it, according to PRNewswire.

The reason for girls never leaving the house without it is simple; we want to look good no matter where we are. Of course, everyone is naturally beautiful, and it is important to remember to go plain every once in awhile to give your skin a break. But don’t worry, you’ll still be gorgeous; contoured cheeks or not.

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