On the court, the field, and the track

By: Andre Thomas

While most high school athletes have an off-season, sophomore Rondale Moore doesn’t. Moore balances football, basketball, and track, yet still manages to maintain a 3.5 GPA.

In the 2015 football season, Moore racked up 1005 all-purpose yards, eight rushing TDs, 5 receiving TDs and was also Southern Indiana Athlete of the week after his stellar performance against Floyd Central.

““Coach Coultis called a play with eight seconds left and looked at me and told me to score, so I did,” said Moore.

Floyd Central is the last regular season game and also one of New Albany’s biggest rivals, Rondale rushed for 112 yards and four Touchdowns. He also threw a 66-yard touchdown pass.

“Rondale is an incredibly good football player and when the game is on the line, you want the ball in his hands,” Coach Coultis.

This was Coach Coultis first season as the Bulldogs head coach, he brought them to a 4-6 record after they were previously 1-9. He was previously a defensive coordinator at Bolingbrook High School.

“I think it is awesome that I wake up in the morning and I know I have two more years left with Rondale.”

Moore is a point guard for the varsity basketball team, which is the preseason number 2 team in the state.

“Football gets me ready for basketball season because the vigorous drills containing footwork which exercises my defense on the court,” Moore said.

On the hardwood, he is known for his explosiveness; when the ball is in his hands, he can take the defender to the basket. On the other hand, he’s known to play some ‘sticky d’.

“Defensively, he puts great pressure on the other player because he is so strong,” coach Jim Shannon said.

Moore’s weight room work is very impressive for a guy that is 148 pounds; he Benches 240 pounds, squats 410 pounds, deadlifts 380 pounds, and power cleans 220 pounds.

“I do push-ups, sit-ups, and calf raises every night before I go to sleep,” Moore said. “That’s what fuels my strength.”

“I think he is an incredible athlete, pound for pound he probably is as good of an athlete as I’ve ever seen,” coach Shannon said.

To view Moore’s highlights go to http://www.hudl.com/athlete/5248795/highlights/304618420/v2



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