5 Things I Won’t Miss About School

By: Andrew Bennet

The Underclassmen

All incoming freshman have their flaws. When I was a freshman I understood how annoying the freshman are. The last few waves of freshman have been more than just annoying; they have been down right irritating. After this last group of seniors graduate I feel as though the school will fall into shambles because the underclassmen will take over.

The Stress

With everything that comes to you during senior year, this seems the most prominent and common. From dealing with scholarship application to figuring out what I want to do with the rest of my life. Senior year is finally coming to a close and it will be a big sigh of relief when everything is finished.

The Stupid Questions

Every single day there are stupid questions being asked. The worst part of these stupid questions is that they’re the same questions from the same people. The response is always going to be the same. Do they expect something miraculous to happen? What do these people want?

The Mundane Routine

The routine can be very mundane after the first year of high school. But now being a senior its seems like everything drags on until the last couple periods of the day. There is still one last semester left and I feel it will drag on forever.

The Pep Rallies

The same songs, the same cheer every single year, granted, it has gotten better over the past couple of years. For example, on March 4 during the last few minutes of the pep rally when the basketball coach, Coach Shannon, started to pep the student body by chanting the classic fight song. Despite the cheer, the hot, stuffy gym full of screaming people is something I won’t be longing for after graduation.

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