Bet you didn’t know… by//Kassady Fryer


Madison Miller shoots for the stars

Senior Madison Miller was interviewed for her hidden talent of the week. Along with many other students, she does something outside of school that she is really passionate about. Her and her family tries to go every single weekend or at least once a week to practice shooting.

“It’s typically my brother, stepdad, and mom who go but my mom doesn’t end up shooting,” Miller said.

With going once a week, Miller tkasssady-picries to get other friends and family to come along because she loves it so much. Miller typically goes for a hour during the time she is there.

“We started only like a month ago but it’s something I know I want to continue with it,” Miller said.

Miller loves going but wants to branch out and try other things.

“We always go to the Louisville Armory which I love, but I eventually want to try other places to see how they are,” Miller said.

Miller says she and her family have a lot of fun, competing to outshoot the other.

“I normally use a 9-millimeter sig or a 38 revolver but sometimes I’ll try something new, “ Miller said.

Miller wants to eventually try out new guns, but right now says her all-time favorite is the 9-millimeter.

“The 9-millimeter is my favorite one to use because it is a little easier and the most fun to shoot,” Miller said.

Miller hopes to improve her shots every time she goes to the gun rage.

“I’ll probably never use it for any hunting or a career but I think it’s always a cool thing to know how to do,” Miller said.


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