Valentine’s Day for the single by// Orlenna Firkins

So you don’t have a date for Valentine’s Day. That’s totally okay because you can have an amazing Valentine’s Day without a bae, here’s how.

Valentine’s Day is all about love. However, that doesn’t mean you need to be in a romantic relationship to celebrate the holiday; there are many kinds of love to celebrate.

Go out with Friends

Sometimes dear friends are your biggest love. Grab your best girl or guy friend and spend the day together. Go to the mall or the movies and celebrate Valentine’s Day in style.

Stay home and relax

It’s perfectly acceptable to stay home on Valentine’s Day and binge watch some Netflix. Grab your favorite snack, throw on your most comfortable outfit, maybe even invite a friend over to be lazy with you.

Go to a party

Go out and have fun! Throw yourself out there and surround yourself with people. If you’re sad about being alone then steer clear of parties that are focused on couples.

Spend time with family

Celebrate love with your family. Go out to eat with your parents or plan a shopping day with your sister. Your family loves you in a special way that a boyfriend or girlfriend can’t achieve.

No matter how you spend your Valentine’s Day this year, you can always surround yourself with different kinds of love. There’s no reason to feel alone when there are people around you who can love you in all kinds of ways.

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