Five days without fast food by// Erin Short

I am definitely not going to lie and say I would choose a vegetable over an easy, fast meal from a local fast food place. When I chose to do five days without fast food, I knew it would be a challenge.

Just like my “five days without twitter” challenge, I failed this challenge in a bad way. My goal was to not eat as much fast food as I normally would, which I achieved by only eating fast food once on Tuesday, but I failed and not eating it at all.

According to Time, 34% of kids ages 2-19 eat fast food on a given day.

Although picking up something from Taco Bell or McDonalds on the way home can be easy, sometimes it isn’t the best choice for me because it makes me feel sick and eventually isn’t worth it. It’s easy for me to excuse eating fast food when I exercise frequently or have hard dance practices, but there should be a limit to things.

It is okay to eat unhealthy meals on occasion and to have it at certain times. Many people don’t realize though, how much they eat out until they do something like this challenge (five days without) and keep track of what the eat.

If unhealthy eating continues it can lead to be very unhealthy. According to the CDC, obesity among children has more than doubled in kids and quadrupled in adolescents over the last three decades.

Instead of telling yourself what you shouldn’t eat anything, focus on what you should eat. Don’t bring yourself down by focusing on a diet or a weight goal, focus on staying happy and healthy and eating more healthy food in smaller portions. No matter what you eat, it is okay to splurge with fatty foods every once in awhile.

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