Surviving the second semester by// Brie Schoen

Tip of the week: Apply for as many scholarships as possible.

As the end is approaching, the idea of college is beginning to become more realistic. If you are anything like the majority of high school seniors, then you still have yet to save enough money to pay for your college tuition. Not everyone has parents who are capable of paying for their college. Thankfully, there is a little something called scholarships.

As a senior, one of the smartest things you can do in order to prepare for college is apply for scholarships. Hint the word scholarships being plural, as in, several. Applying for as many scholarships as possible is a good idea. Who doesn’t like the thought of free money?

Some may use the excuse that they do not have enough time to apply for any, but I highly doubt that is the case. The average college scholarship takes approximately 20 minutes to apply for, according to If you complete one scholarship application each week, you’ll be good to go.

Take the safe route and start preparing early, do not wait until the time for college comes, and you have $70 in your savings and no gas money. Sounds pretty awful, and I don’t know about you, but I would not like to have to experience that situation.

As long as you have decent grades and some kind of extracurricular activities, volunteer work etc., there is bound to be a scholarship for which you qualify.


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