Week in the life of an athlete by// Alex Wallingford


When freshman Matthew Sozzi is not on the baseball field hitting dingers, he is in the pool swimming stroke after stroke.

Health: I run a few days a week and I also lift on my own. I usually do 5 mile runs with a 2 mile warm up. Then in the middle I put on an elevation mask and run a hard mile. I follow that with a 2 mile cool down. I also lift in weightlifting class four days a week.

Swim meet day meal: I eat a lot of carbs the night before and day of my swim meets. Pasta is what I usually try to carbo-load on.

School: School is the most important thing so on meet days I make sure I get my homework done either before we leave for the meet or as soon as I get home.

Superstition: I have to swim in a certain set of goggles. My goggles are like any other athletes special socks or shoes. I feel I need them in prefer to swim at a high level.


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