Hibbard jumps into the 1000 point club by//Jaelynn Derricott

Saturday January 28, New Albany played away at Jasper while senior guard Isaac Hibbard joined an exclusive club.

“In the game against Jasper I was only five points away [from reaching 1000 points],” senior guard Isaac Hibbard said. “I figured that if I had a good game and let it come to me that it would happen.”

With the final score Bulldogs 72 and Wildcats 31, Hibbard finished with ten points and nine rebounds, being the 12th player at NA to join the club.

“It’s very prestigious because not many people reach 1000 points in their high school career,” Hibbard said. “It shows a lot of hard work that I have put in and it’s a great accomplishment.”


img_2673-copy“Yes [I was expecting to reach the 1000 points] throughout the game [against Jasper],” Hibbard said. “I knew coming into the season I didn’t have a lot more to go, but I just let the game come to me and it ended up happening.”

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